The Gym Is A Gateway Drug

“A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion.” When you apply the logic of Newton’s first law of motion to yourself, you realize the importance of creating and sustaining positive momentum. Getting things moving in the right direction is the first step to changing the trajectory of your life.

Leveling up means different things to different people but at its core, it’s about improving the quality of your life. Regardless of where you are on your journey, there is always something about yourself to enhanced. For most of us, the list is long. You don’t have to broadcast your laundry list to the world but go to the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself. After you have that discussion with yourself, where do you go from there?

Start With The Gym

Physical exercise is the gateway drug to unlocking your full potential. The confidence found from improving your physique will lead you to improve other aspects about yourself. Start by setting a tangible goal and work towards it. As you begin seeing results, you will begin feeling a sense of achievement. This feeling will become addicting and you will want more hits of it. As you keep chasing and capturing that feeling, your brain will start to reprogram itself into believing you can achieve things you set your mind to. The more you hit the gym, the more results you see, the stronger the programming becomes. You have now created positive momentum in one phase of your life (physical/health). Next, you need to apply this new energy and forward momentum to the rest of your life.

Subliminal Programming

The habits you build from regularly hitting the gym will trickle down into many parts of your life. You likely won’t even realize it until you do some self-reflection. Showing up to work out even on days you’re not feeling it? That builds discipline and self-accountability. Both of those traits play a big part in leveling up your life by giving you structure. Now take this structure you built from hitting the gym and apply it to your professional life. All workouts are not created equal, some days are much harder than others. Pushing through a hard workout by yourself when you can easily quit? That builds mental toughness. It conditions you to believe you can always push through difficult times. Now take this mental toughness and apply it to your personal life. Things don’t always go smoothly but when you are mentally tough from the jump, it will be much harder for the world to break you.

You’re making a conscious decision to improve yourself, no one is forcing you to do so. If you can’t be disciplined and hold yourself accountable, you won’t get anywhere.

Embrace The Challenge

 The road to becoming the best version of yourself will be challenging but avoiding things because they are difficult is a sure-fire way to live a meaningless life. The best way to complete a big and difficult task (improving your entire life) is to break it down into smaller goals and tackle it step by step. Start with the low hanging fruit and work your way up. Despite how hard workouts seem in the moment, improving your physique is the easy part. Getting in shape just requires you showing up every day. (In shape looks different for all of us, we all have different body types) When you look and feel good about yourself, you attract opportunities and radiate a confident energy that people want around. Use this first small win as the stepping-stone for winning in other facets of your life. Not knowing where to start keeps plenty of people from elevating but that is a poor excuse to stay stagnant and let time pass you by. The worst thing you can do in this lifetime is age but not grow. “What have you got to lose??” -Unknown

One thought

  1. I never tied the way I felt at the gym to the way I’ve been able to achieve other things in my life but it definitely kicks off the momentum for me. This was another well written piece! I’m definitely inspired on my physical journey to be as strong and resilient as I’ve been in my emotional/personal journey. Thank you for this!


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